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Connect Community, Save lives
Community Connection

Focus Area

Community Connection

How we view our community and how we feel about living where we do builds our allegiance. 
This task force is dedicated to building community connectivity with goals to 
unite community members with similar interests. 


The Importance of Community

What is Community Anyway?

“Community” is so easy to say. The word itself connects us with each other. It describes an experience so common that we never really take time to explain it. It seems so simple, so natural, and so human. Researchers at Community Science of Stanford weigh in. 

Community Voices for Social Good

We need a more systemic and accessible way for underserved individuals to share their beliefs, insights, and experiences directly with policymakers, nonprofits, and their own communities. The founder of GreatNonprofits and one of its projects, CitizenInsights shares her thoughts.

What Does Community Mean?

People recognize that social structures are deteriorating and that people want more of a sense of connection with others. Read more about the idea of connecting with others from Grassroots Economic Organizing.

17 Teenage Perspectives: What Community Means to Me

While community can be experienced in countless ways, the meaning of community might be pretty universal. “Community is being a part of something bigger than yourself” – Joe


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