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Educate. Engage. Connect.

Change 4 the Kenai (C4K) is a coalition united to work toward connecting our community. C4K is currently dedicated to understanding the local increasing prevalence of injection drug use and the dire consequences. We work to implement harm reduction programs and to break the stigma of addiction within the community through education.  

About Us

Our mission is to connect community, and save lives.

The Change 4 the Kenai (C4K) coalition is a group of community members, local agencies, law enforcement, government and businesses that have united to work toward connecting our community.

Our Vision:
We envision a healthy and safe community built on the foundation of independence that our residents embrace, while connecting community to ensure that everyone matters.

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Our Goals and Values:

The coalition has identified the main elements to address connectivity: economics, transportation, wellness, and identity.

Our goals include:

  • Active and accessible peer network
  • Wellness recovery
  • Engaged and empowered community
  • Community resource network
  • Affordable, accessible transportation system
  • Local, sustainable economy

Get Involved. Stay Informed

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The Change 4 the Kenai (C4K) Facebook page,, is where you can can find  news, educational materials and information about upcoming events, trainings, activities and meetings.

How To

Get Involved

  1. Join the community coalition
  2. Attend our open meetings
  3. Volunteer
  4. Follow us on Facebook or call us at 907.714.4521
  5. Email us for more information:

Events & Activities

To work toward our goals, we believe in education opportunities and community events.
Please see our events page for an overview of the activities we provide each year in our community. Our community schools page contains useful links to our free online educational resources.

Monthly Meetings

Please contact us for more information.

Task Forces

Interested in a specific area of our community? We welcome input and participation! Task forces work together under the guidance of the C4K coalition. Coalition task forces work on specific goals that support the overall focus of the coalition.