Our Focus

Change 4 the Kenai (C4K) is a coalition that works to connect our community and save lives. Our coalition has identified six focus areas to help us reach our goals.

To meet our goals Change for the Kenai is focusing on…

Challenging Stigma

Stigma feeds into isolation and denial and pushes public policy away from a medical response to addiction and toward punishment. Challenging the stigma and stereotypes of addiction increases the chances that individuals who need help will receive it.
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Prescription Safety

Safe, Safe, Safe. Through safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of prescription medications we can all make a difference in reducing access and abuse of prescription medications.
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Preventing Overdoses

Change 4 the Kenai’s “Community Overdose Prevention Education (COPE)” course is available through community schools or online and includes Naloxone training. Naloxone is a life-saving antidote for opioid-associated overdose.  
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Community Connection

How we view our community and how we feel about living where we do builds our allegiance. C4K is dedicated to building community connectivity. 
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Educating Providers

C4K works to increase access to training and education opportunities that will increase healthcare providers’ knowledge and skills in the prevention, identification, and treatment of substance use disorders.

Raising Awareness about ACEs

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, addiction, health and opportunity. The first step in helping young people at risk for ACEs is for everyone in our community to gain a better understanding of these experiences.